The Three Musketeers

The first residents to Serenity Farm, often mistaken for each other until you get to know them better; ‘Iva’, ‘Maccallion’ and ‘Dale’. Iva and Dale are gentle giants and both love to be groomed and handled, Dale has the messiest stable (he’s a proper boy!!) Maccallion is a cheeky-chappy and likes to unzip coats and chase the chickens!!

The Goats

These are Serenity Farms resident goats.


Joined us at the end of 2016 and is the little lady of the farm – she takes no messing from the big boys and she has a huge personality for her small size, she loves to be groomed and taken for walks.

The Trotter Sisters

 Mabel & Wilma, moved into Serenity in February after being hand-reared at Lucy’s home from August 2016 when they were just 4 weeks old, between them they have enough personality to fill the entire barn. They can be hand-fed, favourite foods include bananas, grapes and fig-roll biscuits and can be walked on their harnesses.

The Girls

Are our rescued ex-battery hens who wander around the barn and gardens, it can be fun trying to find where they laid their eggs! Watch out for your sandwiches – they like to steal!!!

The Serenity Dog-Squad

Archie is our resident PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog, he has 13 years experience as a professional human-lover! He keeps us all chilled-out and is the ‘Dog-Father’ to the other hounds. Diesel is a professional pig-watcher – he has been sitting with the Trotters since they first arrived at 4 weeks and although they are now bigger than him he considers it his duty to keep look-out for them. Snoopy and Tizer both arrived from Romania about 4 years ago they have been in training with Archie to be calm and loving, Snoopy has a brilliant sense of humour and can often be found on his back with his legs straight up in the air ‘singing’!!!!