Serenity Farm offers day opportunities for people with additional needs and challenges to explore their skills working with animals and nature in an environment that welcomes all and celebrates all our uniqueness’s.

All living beings at Serenity are treated equal and everyone (animals included) are encouraged and supported to be the best they can be. Serenity aims that everyone who attends (support workers included) feel rewarded by their experience and end the day feeling better about themselves.

Animals and nature see through to the soul and do not judge or discriminate, here at Serenity we welcome all who want to be part of a project that nurtures and challenges us to be the best we can be for the good of all.

The animals and visitors thrive on their new friendships and the responsibility of looking after an animal gives people a sense of pride and a real achievement and helps distract from one’s own worries and anxieties.

The atmosphere is calm and humorous and we enjoy the changes the seasons bring and celebrate different events throughout the year.

The farm dogs and cats encourage a tea-break and we use this time to recap on successes and how to progress next and enjoy the awesome view from our break-room