Here at Serenity Farm we offer quality time with nature and our friendly funny animals.
We're only a short drive from the city centre but a world away from the hustle and bustle!


Serenity farm Project offers a fully interactive animal experience, just a short drive from the city in the stunning countryside of Wetley Moor, come and learn about all aspects of animal care. Practice horse-handling skills, walking pigs, feeding baby goats or spend some quiet time in the sensory garden over-looking stunning views of the city.


Spending some time outdoors, relaxing, looking after ourselves and connecting with nature has huge benefits for health and wellbeing.

Learn new skills

We believe in life-long learning our activities have embedded functional skills and communication skills through interaction with animals and peers.

Get active

Regular physical activity has amazing benefits here at Serenity Farm you can get active in a fun and enjoyable way.

Be creative

Being in a natural environment and interacting with animals can help to relax the brain, increasing creativity and positive thinking.